04 May 2010


I've been a major blog slacker. I feel out of the loop. I even missed the military blog hop on Friday, I was so disappointed; maybe I can still get on that.  But I have been really busy, visiting family, in transit, combating jet lag, etc. Any time I've spent online in the past week has been writing my hubby. I meant to post earlier, but I abandoned that idea for my craft project making a “flat husband.” Yes…I made a paper-doll of my husband. I saw another unit do this and take pictures of the flat hubbies different places they went. I thought it was really clever and sweet. He’s with me everywhere I go; in my heart and in my thoughts, this way I can show him and send him fun pictures!  I think having it with me will also remind me to take pictures (I always forget to take out my camera).  I know there are companies that make large cardboard cutouts and pillows of husbands and daddies that are really neat.  However, I wanted it to be personal, creative and mainly have something that was easier for me to carry around.  I had a good pic of my hubby printed in a 5x7 for his face then printed a template for a paper-doll.  With a little artistic license, I constructed a cute paper-doll of my marine! Maybe if I can get my act together I'll post some photos.

Happy May!


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