25 April 2010

Woohoo! Another blog award!

Thank you so much Laura from Diamonds and Dog Tags for The Circle of Friends Award!
Even though I've been a blogging slacker lately! 

The Rules:
1) Post it on your page
2) List five things you looooove to do
3) Pick five friendly bloggers and pass it on!

Five things I love to do....hmmm
1.  I love to walk on the beach.  The beach is about a 5 min walk from our house.  I used to go almost everyday but lately I haven't had a chance.  It's so calming and relaxing, but at the same time good exercise.  I always feel so refreshed afterwards.  Not to mention, the sand does wonders for the calluses on my feet!
2. I love to dance, dance, dance! Dancing is what brought my husband and I together (salsa dancing to be exact) and we've been perfecting it ever since. Dancing is one of the many things I really miss; dancing with my hubby that is...I still dance around the house by myself all the time.

3.  I love to watch movies.  I'd say I'm somewhat of a movie connoisseur.  Unless it's a really obscure, b-list movie, I've probably seen it and can rattle off the title, plot, and characters/actors.  Although lately I've been fixated on watching a full TV series on Netflix, my current obsession is Friday Night Lights (totally underrated in my opinion!)
4. I love going out to eat.  This isn't that unique, but I cook dinner every night so when my husband and I go out it's special!  Now that he is deployed, I literally never eat out, so right now the thought of that seems really fun!
5.  I love at home spa treatments!  I love to pamper myself in little ways, like facials, face masks or soaking my feet in a foot bath.  My favorite pampering item lately is the Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque.
I'm passing this award on to these friendly bloggers:
Cheryl at Boots in the Doorway 
Wife on the Rollercoaster at Riding the Rollercoaster
Noelbelle at Devil Dog & Litigation Love
Hellcat Betty
Navywife24 at A Day in the Life of a Navy Wife ( I second this from Laura)
If you already have this award then I second it! Thanks again!


Wife on the Roller Coaster said...

Congratulations on another award! And thank you for passing another one along to me! Loved learning more about you.

Dani said...

Your blog is absolutely adorable. Congrats on your award!

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