10 April 2010

Drum roll please...

and we're not moving. How anticlimactic!

All this wondering and stressing for nothing; we're staying where we are until next year.  It's very bittersweet; at first a little more bitter than sweet. We were definitely ready to move on and hoping to be a little closer to home; so it's a bit of a letdown.  However, the good news is I won't have the stress of PCS on my own and can just focus on a homecoming! We also might have a better chance to do a cross-country trip when we do move.

As a side note, has anyone ever driven as an option when moving? What was your experience? I'm wondering how that would work out for us. We would be driving literally cross-country.

Anyway, of course I made a list of some other benefits to staying around an extra year and it made me feel better. It’s certainly better than being sent somewhere we really didn’t want. We will have a chance to vacation more in the area and I can finish out my certification program I’m working on, among other things.
All things happen for a reason- a good motto for us in this aspect of military life.


navywife24 said...

i completely agree with you...everything happens for a reason! and hopefully it will work out for the best! :) good luck and god bless!!

Laura said...

We drove from Missouri to California this past November for our PCS. It was actually really fun.

It was POURING rain when we left missouri. We got 50 miles from Colorado/Kansas when they closed the freeway due to snow, so we were snowed in for a day. Once it was re-opened we spun out on a patch of ice and across the median into the oncoming freeway lane (which was thankfully still closed lol).

Then I decided to take the "scenic" route through Colorado and we ended up snowed in at Winter Park, CO for another night. Then I maneuvered our Ford Taurus up a snowy pass (people were actually snowboarding down the road) and down the other side. We only got stuck once.

Then we went through Utah to pick up our cat from my mother in law. He pissed himself about 2 hours into the trip so we drove all the way to Las Vegas with a cat sitting in his own pee. I gave him 3 baths at the hotel in Vegas.

Then we got stuck in traffic outside barstow and moved 8 miles in 1 hour. We finally got to San Diego at about 11 pm...and that was the trip lol.

Kirsten said...

Wow, lol! That sounds like some adventure. Thanks for sharing your story Laura, I'm looking forward to where our trip brings us!

navywife24- Thanks for all your great comments, I've been trying to comment on your blog, but it won't let me! I'll keep trying... hope you are doing well, hang in there!

navywife24 said...

ohh im sorry i have no idea why it won't let you leave comments..i'll have to try and look into that. lol and its really nice to find women who are going through the same things i am, i guess it gives me hope...like if so many other women can get through it so can I!!! :)

[Briar] . Designs said...

When my husband and I married I was living in Spokane Washington and he was/is stationed at Albany GA. We drove the whole way, WITH two cats. Both of whom we put in the car that we were towing. It was fun, but a little stressful. Finding places to stop was awful. I wouldn't recommend it with pets. A different hotel every night was hard for them, they didn't understand. Also I couldn't imagine doing it with kids, it took us six days, even though we took our time. We decided not to do that again. But it was a memorable experience one we laugh about now. Good luck on your moving.

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