08 March 2010

Taking it one day at a time

A realization I had recently-

I can deal with the deployment much better when thinking about it on a day to day basis. The minute I start looking forward at the long stretch ahead of us I start freaking out. OMG I have 7 more months of this?! Or as the "donut of misery" tells me "A long, long way to go"
When I think strictly what I am doing today or what is going on right now the daunting timeframe ahead of us goes away. Basically, everyone that told me repeatedly "just take it one day at a time" is absolutely right!
Thinking about the present really seems to help me momentarily forget about the deployment and live in the moment, without trying to sound too cliché.

Note: If you're interested in countdowns, google "donut of misery." It is an excel file that breaks down, in detail, how much time left in the deployment...


~Cheryl~ said...

I so agree!!! One day I tried to make a list of the things I need to get done before he comes home and it was depressing. I try only to look and see what I have going on 2morrow. Much easier-LOL :-)

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