17 June 2010


Ok...so I'm not a daily blogger. I think I realized I'm not going to be a high achiever when it comes to posting but I do what I can and it makes me happy.

So, something I've been meaning to talk about, a few weeks ago I had a video conference with my hubby from Afghanistan. It was an amazing opportunity our command offered and I hope that all commands have a chance like this. Our experience with Skype this deployment has been pretty bad; we have the connection just long enough to for a few "can you see me?" "can you hear me?" and then it ends.
Early Saturday morning I headed over to base for my time slot. Saying I was excited and nervous would be an understatement. I had total butterflies in my stomach. Not to mention I got all dolled up for the occasion; at 6:30am on a Saturday! It's crazy and amazing at the same time; just the chance to really see my husband change me into a school girl with a crush. I couldn't believe I would act this way with my husband that I've been with for 5 years, who has seen me looking, let's just say, not my best. It’s silly, but I love this silver lining. And I'm not the only one, the gal that came in after me looked just as excited and done up.
My husband and I have always been very much in love, but this deployment has brought back the serious butterflies. I can only imagine what the preparation for homecoming will be like. I think I'll multiply that feeling by 100.


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