18 February 2010

This is it

This first blog post comes a few days after my Marine left for his first deployment to Afghanistan. Therefore, this is also my first journey through a deployment. I had wanted to start this blog prior to the departure but the weeks leading up to D-day just seemed too precious to spend on the computer.
As much as I tried to be prepared and "ready" for this experience, now that it’s here, I don't think anything could have prepared me for the rollercoaster, kick- in- the- stomach feelings I've been experiencing.

In the words of a fellow spouse “It sucks.” Yea, it does.
But I hope this will help & inspire me to find ways to get me through it.

So as part of a series of introductory posts…

Why I started this blog: Like many military wives do, I wanted to have an outlet/journal to chronicle my first deployment. This life of a military wife is a very unique experience that is shared only by others in the same position. As much as it may hurt, we do get through it. And we are lucky enough to have heroes for husbands!
What I really hope to get from writing: Comments, support & suggestions; maybe thoughts/advice/encouragement from other spouses going through or seasoned in the art of deployment.
Things are pretty hard now, but if it wasn’t hard everyone would do it, right?


Chelly said...

My husband hasn't deployed yet, he is off doing "traning TDY" right now. But he will deploying soon. It is his second time heading to the desert (Just a different dessert then last time), but our first.
I have blogged for many years, 7, but this is the first time I get to write an actual deployment blog. Odd how that feels.

navywife24 said...

I know exactly what you mean. My husband is in the navy and currently serving on his first deployment in the middle east. we've been apart since october 2009 when he left for training. we got our orders to virginia in february and were getting set to move when we found out he was being deployed and leaving right away. He left march 3rd so as of now we have been separated for six months and still have five more to go. This has been the hardest experience in my life but I'm getting through it by doing exactly what you said...taking things one day at a time. i know you can get through it too! :) good luck and god bless!!

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